Mohammed Azhar Mohiuddin
Founder & CEO – BioReform Pvt Ltd

Our Story

We pitched our idea at Edventure Incubation Foundation, which is India’s first student-focused Startup Incubator. We had to compete with 300+ student Entrepreneurs from across the Telangana state and secure our position in the top 10 startups that the Incubator selects.

What do we do

We manufacture 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable & compostable bags which completely biodegrade in less than 180 days, unlike the traditional plastic that stays with us for thousands of years, polluting both land & marine life. We are not stopping there. We make customized biodegradable bags based on the customer requirements that include printings and personal brandings.

Yes! You heard it right! Customized Biodegradable bags with your personal branding


Our Mission

Our mission is to combat one of the world’s biggest issues, i.e., pollution caused by plastic, by raising awareness and presenting 100% biodegradable products to fight plastic pollution to help protect the environment and offering consumers the most economical alternative to conventional plastic.


Our vision is to change the entire packaging industry towards green packaging by 2030. We aim to promote awareness and availability of biodegradable items and offer new such products to the market by becoming the leading manufacturing company for biodegradable products.

Our Goals

Bioreform’s goal is to minimise plastic pollution and the risks connected with it by delivering new eco-friendly goods to customers and raising awareness about plastic pollution and eco-friendly alternatives. BioReform's goal over the next ten years is to entirely turn every type of plastic into 100% eco-friendly products.

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